joi, 7 aprilie 2011

High wasted...jeans that is...

I must admit I'm a jeans girl, always have been and always will be, I mean I could even sleep in them (if they weren't so damn uncomfortable to do that), and that's how much i love my jeans. I don't wear tracksuits, but for me jeans fill up that place.
I had a couple of years back a pair of high-wasted flared jeans that i loved but unfortunately I outgrew them, I don't know where they are right now( probably in a dark corner waaay back in my closet, because most probably i still have them somewhere- horder much? nahhh) but i almost want to find them to try to squeez into them.(would i need therapy if they won't fit? Probably...chocolate therapy.)
Here's an outfit that i would most definitely wear, over and over again. Comfortable - check, sexy - check( look how long they make your legs *dreamy sigh*), fashionable - check...Conclusion? Sign me up.

High-wasted flared blue jeans with a medium size belt, and platform wedges + neutral colored shirt = PERFECTION (for the days you want to feel comfortable but still be fashionable...look at me talking like a tv commercial, I would totally kick butt at this.)

2 comentarii:

  1. Check ... but only for a few ladieeees: I look like ???!!! in jeans like these! Haha. Hate it. Wish I was taller. A LOT taller!

  2. I don't think that she's really tall either but she pulls it off.
    but think about it if you get ones with a really high waste an really long with sky high heels (see jeffrey campbell) you would not only look taller(problem fixed) but also look smokin' hot with killer legs :)