sâmbătă, 30 aprilie 2011


The new fragrance from Vera Wang, can't wait to try it on i really liked the last one...right up my alley.
Leighton Meester looks absolutely divine...i would sell my soul for that dress...yes i admit it if you want to temp me Satan here's the way just give me the dress and i'll happily see you in hell.


Noul parfum Vera Wang. Sunt foarte curioasa deoarece primul parfum Princess se numara printre preferatele mele dar se pare ca ma am de asteptat pana cand acesta se va lansa in Romania ( bine ca macar stau jos). Am mai multe parfumuri preferate si-mi place sa le schimb din cand in cand, zilnic, saptamanal...depinde de dispozitia in care sunt, ce port si cum vreau sa ma simt..astfel am prin rotatie: Nina by Nina Ricci, Ricci Ricci by Nina Ricci, Princess by Vera Wang si Gucci Guilty.

Post pentru concursul: Castiga unul dintre cele 2 parfumuri oferite de Bio-Cosmetics.ro! de pe Diary of a Beauty Addict.

marți, 26 aprilie 2011

Forget love - I'd rather fall in chocolate! ~Sandra J. Dykes...

...or in a pool full of H&M clothes, or any other brand for that matter.*sigh*
Finally I can say that I saw an H&M collection in person and can give my honest opinion, have I mentioned how happy I am that we have an H&M ????Now all we need is Topshop and I'm gonna be more hipper than the energizer bunny.
So now I give you the lates H&M collection: H&M by Night: Featuring a range of feminine dresses ( I'm dying to get my hand on) and delicate detailing with tropical prints, lightweight shapes and bright colors perfect for summer.

I'm partial towards the long dress but that might be because I'm going to need one or more( my mother always tells me I can never get only one thing I always end up buying at least 2 of the same kind), and with graduation and some weddings coming up I seriously need at least 2.

I've been loving brightly colored pants too lately: red, coral and green are among my favorite colors. They are fun to wear and honestly what is more fun that walking down the street looking like a colourful popsicle eh? It certenetly gets you in the mood for summer. Thumbs (sporting bright colored nail polish) up for that.

marți, 19 aprilie 2011

Romanian designer alert: Maria Lucia Hohan...

In this category i'll try to show some of the romanian designers that i like and try to find out about new ones and show them to you so that we can fall in love together- see, i'm not selfish, i'll show you mine if you show me yours too.

First up-    Maria Lucia Hohan:   "Nothing is more important than the love you hold for yourself and for the people around you. This is the strong belief of Maria Lucia Hohan, who invites women to be self confident, intriguing, playful, feminine, to become urban divas no matter the context they find themselves in."

I fell in love with her creations from the first moment i laid eyes on her dresses, there's just something about them that brings out the girlie girl in me. Her dresses make me fell like a princess, they are feminin, sexy  andthey transform you into a mysterious woman full of confidence. They don't feel like your putting on your mother's dress and play grown up, no, they make you feel like a woman who should be a princess. I love everything about her designs and i would sell my soul to buy them all even if only to have an improvised runway show in my house, or to look at them all day long. The combination of sheer silk, colored mousseline, glazed satin that come together with leather, metal textures and laser cut details used as unique accessories blow me away.

                                              Maria Lucia Hohan-spring-summer 2010:

                                             Maria Lucia Hohan: autum-winter 2010:

Maria Lucia Hohan: spring-summer 2011:

Daca ar trebui sa aleg un designer roman care sa imi placa la nebunie si sa-l spun pe primul care imi vine in minte acesta ar fi fara greseala Maria Lucia Hohan. Inca de cand i-am descoperit creatiile m-a cucerit iremediabil. Rochii diafane absolut divine care te fac sa te simti ca o printesa ( ca atunci cand erai mica si imprumutai rochiile mamei ca sa te prefaci ca esti o printesa adevarata). Materiale fine: matase, satin, combinate cu elemente din piele, design exceptional, creatii unice care te fac sa te simti misterioasa, feminina, sexy ce poti sa ceri mai mult? Cred ca daca as avea ocazia sa intru in atelierul Mariei Lucia Hohan m-as simti de parca am intrat in Tara Minunilor si nu as mai pleca de acolo fara sa probez tot ce prind. Cine a zis ca daca ai crescut trebuie sa renunti la fantezii? Maria Lucia Hohan ne demonstreaza prin creatiile sale ( + pozele de promovare) ca indiferent de varsta poti oricand sa fii o printesa si sa faci parte dintr-o fantezie, chiar daca numai pentru o noapte. 

duminică, 17 aprilie 2011


For the first time i am speachless...excuse me while i pick myself off the floor...

This, this right above here is Khloe Kardashian's shoes closet, or as i will refer to from now on simply as "Heaven", i knew she had some fierce shoes but damn. If i had these i would stare at them all day long would put in my will to be buried with them just like the pharaons so that nobody can wear them but me, sure i would love my family but i'll have to draw a line somewhere.
I only have one more thing to say/ask....ADOPT ME?

vineri, 15 aprilie 2011

When i saw you i fell in love and you smiled because you knew...

...aka Emilio Pucci part 2. I expressed my love for Emilio Pucci quite loudly here and with the pre-spring 2011 collection he proved that unlike other types of love he won't disappoint.

It sort of remind me of the Charlie's Angels series, the original one with Farrah Fawcett, '70s - '80s type of vibe.

joi, 14 aprilie 2011

Make-up then break-up...

I have to admit when i hear Burberry i think clothes...and that unique, unmistakable pattern. I never even heard about make-up but i recently saw the ad campaign for the spring-summer 2011 collection and i like how wearable they are, they are not something out of the ordinary or crazy and you could probably most definitely find dups, but i liked the pictures and how flawless she looks.

                                                          Burberry S/S 2011 Beauty

1. Lip Cover in Delicate Rose No. 24 - 30 $
2.  Lip Cover in English Rose No. 23 - 30 $
3. Lip Cover in Romantic Rose No. 22 - 30 $

1. Light Glow in Tangerine Blush No. 06 - 42 $
2.  Light Glow in Earthy Blush No. 07 - 42 $
3. Light Glow in Misty Blush No. 08 - 42 $ 

Lip Glow Lip Gloss:
Blush No. 04
Nude Beige No. 09

luni, 11 aprilie 2011

Nutella lovers...rejoice

I absolutely love Nutella and lately I found a way to make it even more enjoyable in an easy and fast way. All you need is Nutella, bread and bananas- triple threat right there.

See, easy, anyone cand do it and that's what I love about it. I don't cook, it's not that I don't know how, because I do... well...mostly ( let's just say that if I were to live by myself i wouldn't starve, true I would live on a diet of mostly sandwiches with a side of omlet and pasta but still i wouldn't starve- lazy? Nah I just like to save my energy.) but I keep that only for special ocasions like Christmas and Easter as a surprise or like a party trick- give me something to drink and i'll even sing while doing it. But I do enjoy to bake and better yet to eat what I bake.

Cand vine vorba de ceva dulce si simplu de facut intotdeauna ma gandesc la aceasta combinatie. Simplu, usor, delicios. Perfect pentru orice masa sau intre mese. Daca tot ne vom ingrasa macar sa o facem cum trebuie. Nu gatesc dar pentru asta sunt dispusa sa petrec 5 minute in bucatarie.

So...now that you know mine i want to know yours (dirty little secret favorite think to make for a desert).

joi, 7 aprilie 2011

High wasted...jeans that is...

I must admit I'm a jeans girl, always have been and always will be, I mean I could even sleep in them (if they weren't so damn uncomfortable to do that), and that's how much i love my jeans. I don't wear tracksuits, but for me jeans fill up that place.
I had a couple of years back a pair of high-wasted flared jeans that i loved but unfortunately I outgrew them, I don't know where they are right now( probably in a dark corner waaay back in my closet, because most probably i still have them somewhere- horder much? nahhh) but i almost want to find them to try to squeez into them.(would i need therapy if they won't fit? Probably...chocolate therapy.)
Here's an outfit that i would most definitely wear, over and over again. Comfortable - check, sexy - check( look how long they make your legs *dreamy sigh*), fashionable - check...Conclusion? Sign me up.

High-wasted flared blue jeans with a medium size belt, and platform wedges + neutral colored shirt = PERFECTION (for the days you want to feel comfortable but still be fashionable...look at me talking like a tv commercial, I would totally kick butt at this.)

duminică, 3 aprilie 2011

Hello lover...

Ever since I discovered Jeffrey Campbell I keep on drooling every time I see the shoes, there's just something about them that keeps me coming back ( just like a lover huh?) .
Let's see what they say about the brand: "Jeffrey Campbell remains today a small family owned fashion forward footwear label, that roots itself in creating fast paced footwear for the woman on the go. Our inspiration comes from the everyday woman, the girl on the street, the lady on the subway, the inspiration is YOU."(see here) ---> i don't know about the woman on the go because those platforms are High as in you shouldn't wear them if you're afraid of heights high, so the woman on the go must be walking slowly...let's see some pictures shall we...( via Nasty Gal )

1.       Jeffrey Campbell - Foxy platform - Pewter Glitter - 145$
How very "Dorothy and the wizard of Oz"...you just want to click your heels
2.       Jeffrey Campbell -  Foxy platforms - 140$
1.       Jeffrey Campbell  - Gypsy Platform Clog -  155$
2.       Jeffrey Campbell -  Lita Platform Boot -  162$
3.       Jeffrey Campbell - Wrecker Platform Boot - 245$

1.       Jeffrey Campbell -  Vienna Nude Wedge - 150$
2.       Jeffrey Campbell -  Pixie Zip Wedge - 178$
And now something for spring and summer:

Jeffrey Campbell - Take Two Wedge - 160$

And now....what do you say, would you wear them? Now this is the question!!! (a little literature meets fashion...heh heh...witty huh?)

3 days 3 post...wow...I do declare, I feel faint...

sâmbătă, 2 aprilie 2011


Sometimes it's kind of a hit or miss with Blake Lively but this time i like her outfit and she is following one of the fashion week trends - underware as outware. I don't know about the skirt, on her it looks good but on me....when i try to wear tis type of skirt i end up looking like a well...pumpkin, bu on the plus side it makes your legs look amazing, so i think i'm going to see where i put mine because i saw a similar corset at H&M that would go great with it.
Oh and DO-ME shoes are a must, get out of you comfort zone and let your freak flag fly (especially since it's getting warm outside).

vineri, 1 aprilie 2011

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe...

Spring and summer are all about color but if you're not comfortable with looking like a rainbow while trying to follow the latest trend: color blocking, you can always try to get a bag in a bright color and go from there(which i like to do). I showed you in the last post some pictures from the april's Elle issue how they paired bright colors and now i'm going to show you some gorgeous bags that i found.

1.       Zara - fashion city bag with flap - 429.00 ron
2.       New Yorker bag - 129 ron
3.       Meli Melo - yellow bag - 69.90ron
4.       Meli Melo - blue bag - 129.90 ron
5.       Meli Melo - red bag - 99.99 ron
6.       Meli Melo - 59.90 ron
7.       Pimkie - mini bag - 12.99 €
8.       Miniprix – 32.00 ron
9.       New Yorker  - 32.00 ron
10.   Mango - Handbag P.. Chany -T C 34.90 €
11.   Mango - Handbag G.. Brady-T C 229 €
12.   zara XL Fashion Clutch - 399.00 ron
13.   Debenhams - Dark pink belt grab bag - 45.00 £
14.   Mango Handbag P.. Bettina C - 79.90 €
15.   Accesorize - 67 ron
16.   Pimkie - 19.99 euro
17.   Zara -  Triangular Clutch - 189.00 ron
18.   Pimkie - 12.99 €
19.   Stradivarius Mini bag – 59.99 ron
20.   Mango - Handbag P.. HaityT4 C - 34.90 €
21.   Pull&Bear – 89 ron
22.   Miniprix – 21 ron
23.   Reserved -  149 ron
24.   Pimkie - 14.99 €
25.   Meli Melo plic - 64.99 ron
And for those who like to shop online i give you...

1.       ASOS - Faux Croc Lady Bag - 35.00£
2.       Debenhams -  Red satin bow clutch bag - 10£
3.       Forever 21 -  Structured Handbag  22.20£
4.       ASOS -  Envelope iPad Case In Faux Croc Effect -  20.00£
5.       ASOS - Leather Saddle Bag -  24.00£
6.       ASOS - River Island Vintage Across Body Bag - 25.00£
7.       Debenhams -  Apple Shantung Clutch Bag - 59£
8.       Forever 21 -  Date Night Leatherette Bag - 20.80$
9.       Asos -  Paul's Boutique Bright Maisy Patent Large Bag - 61.00£
10.   Debenhams -  Dark Purple Crinkle Clutch Bag – 45.00£
11.   ASOS -  Boxy Flat Lock Clutch - 16.00 lire
12.   Forever 21-  Key To Your Heart Leatherette Handbag -  17.75£
13.   Forever 21 -  Every Occasion Clutch - 5.50£
14.   Debenhams - Light olive 'Boxer' stripe purse – 20.00£
15.   ASOS - Boxy Lock Bag - 25.00 lire
16.   ASOS - Covered Lock Clutch - 15lire
I hope you enjoy this post and if you find something interesting let me know.