duminică, 3 aprilie 2011

Hello lover...

Ever since I discovered Jeffrey Campbell I keep on drooling every time I see the shoes, there's just something about them that keeps me coming back ( just like a lover huh?) .
Let's see what they say about the brand: "Jeffrey Campbell remains today a small family owned fashion forward footwear label, that roots itself in creating fast paced footwear for the woman on the go. Our inspiration comes from the everyday woman, the girl on the street, the lady on the subway, the inspiration is YOU."(see here) ---> i don't know about the woman on the go because those platforms are High as in you shouldn't wear them if you're afraid of heights high, so the woman on the go must be walking slowly...let's see some pictures shall we...( via Nasty Gal )

1.       Jeffrey Campbell - Foxy platform - Pewter Glitter - 145$
How very "Dorothy and the wizard of Oz"...you just want to click your heels
2.       Jeffrey Campbell -  Foxy platforms - 140$
1.       Jeffrey Campbell  - Gypsy Platform Clog -  155$
2.       Jeffrey Campbell -  Lita Platform Boot -  162$
3.       Jeffrey Campbell - Wrecker Platform Boot - 245$

1.       Jeffrey Campbell -  Vienna Nude Wedge - 150$
2.       Jeffrey Campbell -  Pixie Zip Wedge - 178$
And now something for spring and summer:

Jeffrey Campbell - Take Two Wedge - 160$

And now....what do you say, would you wear them? Now this is the question!!! (a little literature meets fashion...heh heh...witty huh?)

3 days 3 post...wow...I do declare, I feel faint...

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  1. I really like your blog...very interesting!!!
    follow each other??

  2. Thank you,i'm glad you like it.
    I'll follow you too:)

  3. Amazing shoes. They are all so lovely.

    P.S. We are having a giveaway over on my blog. I hope that you can come check it out.


  4. i lovee JC! such amazing shoes. love this post x


  5. Jeez these are amazing and SUCH good value! Can you message me and let me know if it's ok to repost and reference on my blog?


  6. I'm glad you like the post. Yes you can repost and reference on your blog and i'm glad you asked.


  7. Lita si Foxi se vor gasi de cumparat in Romania...?
    Wish list-ul tău şi-a găsit naşul la Chantal! la

  8. Scuze...Am vrut sa spun Lita si Foxi se vor gasi de cumparat in Romania!! http://www.chantal.ro/jeffrey-campbell.html

  9. Ah ce bine, chiar aveam nevoie de asta, multumesc pt anunt,stii si la ce pret?

  10. Pretul va fi similar cu cel de la magazinele on-line.
    Astazi cred, este ultima zi pentru un giveaway unde se pot castiga gift-carduri la magazinul Chantal.