marți, 26 aprilie 2011

Forget love - I'd rather fall in chocolate! ~Sandra J. Dykes...

...or in a pool full of H&M clothes, or any other brand for that matter.*sigh*
Finally I can say that I saw an H&M collection in person and can give my honest opinion, have I mentioned how happy I am that we have an H&M ????Now all we need is Topshop and I'm gonna be more hipper than the energizer bunny.
So now I give you the lates H&M collection: H&M by Night: Featuring a range of feminine dresses ( I'm dying to get my hand on) and delicate detailing with tropical prints, lightweight shapes and bright colors perfect for summer.

I'm partial towards the long dress but that might be because I'm going to need one or more( my mother always tells me I can never get only one thing I always end up buying at least 2 of the same kind), and with graduation and some weddings coming up I seriously need at least 2.

I've been loving brightly colored pants too lately: red, coral and green are among my favorite colors. They are fun to wear and honestly what is more fun that walking down the street looking like a colourful popsicle eh? It certenetly gets you in the mood for summer. Thumbs (sporting bright colored nail polish) up for that.

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