miercuri, 30 martie 2011


...pretty to look at, because let's face it we buy magazines to look at all the gorgeous pictures and see what new things they come up with- at least that's what i like to do (besides imagining me in all those pictures instead of the model)

First up - Vogue Paris april 2011 issue:
All white - instead of the color blocking frenzy they decide to go for an all white spread that i simply adore

Followed by a fantasy-cowboy-bandidas-bad-ass-chick type of spread that makes me drool (i'm a sucker for a kick ass female character):

And now let's have a little fun...Can you see the difference?

Vogue Australia april 2011

Vogue Mexico april 2011

Vogue USA april 2011

Apparently there is this new trend going around so quickly ladies grab a flowy dress and head on down to the nearest heating vent/subway or just grab a big fan and get to work.

Then we have Elle april 2011 issue that teaches us a little bit about how to color block + one of my favorite trends at the moment: bags in bright colors:

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