joi, 3 martie 2011

via knight cat

In cazut in care nu v-ati dat seama de la folosirea punctelor dupa fiecare cuvant din titlu m-am indragostit de aceste fuste de cum le-am vazut( in sensul ca le-am visat de cateva ori, ceea ce eu consider un semn, da cand fac o obsesie de acest gen nu ma opresc la critica , stiu ca si tu ai trecut prin asta) Un mod perfect de a-ti accentua talia si de a fi sexy fara sa arati prea multa piele. Un must pentru urmatoarea perioada. Da, voi avea una chiar daca va trebui sa invat sa cos si nu voi mai dormi pana nu-mi va iesi ca intr-una din pozele de mai sus- ce pot sa spun, ambitie sau superficialitate(thy name is me)....Fusta asta + geaca de piele neagra(bonus pentru fermoare/tinte) + plic snakeskin + unghii rosii + buze rosii.

I tend to overreact about certain things, especially about the ones that i absolutely, most definitely, i-would-swim-across-the-ocean-even-though-i-don't-know-how love, things that are giving me chills every time i look at them. If i had to choose to be a piece of clothing i would chose to be one of these skirts that's how much i like them- superficiality at its best. Raise your hand if you ever liked an article of clothing so much that you became obsessed, actually now that i think about it that's the definition of being a girl, but joking aside i want to know what make you wet( and i mean that in the most decent way possible, i have a dirty mouth/mind yes, but i'll try to reign it in).
I have an image in my head with these skirts and a short leather jacket (for a more casual look) and a snakeskin clutch, with red nail polish and red lipstick.

2 comentarii:

  1. Sunt superbe! Cel mai mult imi place prima:)

  2. Prima este si preferata mea, toate sunt frumoase dar prima are ceva mai special, probabil culoarea=primavara