duminică, 12 iunie 2011

To live is to choose...

And to have personal style you have to make the clothes in you closet your own, to know how to mix and match and be comfortable in what you decide to wear. I always try to find new ways to wear the pieces in my closet, to show them in another light, and when i find a picture that i like i save it for future inspiration. Here are some of the images that i like with some new items to die for.

karl lagerfeld + knight cat carin wester + jason wu

                                    asos + emilio pucci + emma watson for lancome campaign
                                                                  via le fashion




                                                              via salt magazine

Items you must have in your closet
Pencil pants perfect for everything (well exept exercising...those would be uncomfortable, but you can make them work) + sexy shorts + colorful bag=statement piece + sheer blouse + Prada platforms=it shoes + white blazer + fun&feminine dress.
How gorgeous are those Prada platforms?...mouthwatering...talk about an orgasm for your feet.

So...now i ask you...what do you love to wear and what do you think is a must item?

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